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Enjoy the first Ice Cream that tastes like victory at City Centre Deira – an exclusive innovative ice cream flavour created in collaboration with Jelly Belly Ice Cream

Limited-edition flavour with mood-boosting ingredients created with the expertise of a techno emotional cuisine expert from Spain, available until August 3


Want to eat your way to the feeling of victory? Sounds too good to be true, right? Not at City Centre Deira. The mall has collaborated with Jelly Belly ice cream to create a unique flavour packed with ingredients that will instantly elevate your mood by increasing your serotonin and dopamine levels, also called the ‘feel-good hormones’.   

With the help of research by Iñaki Alava, a techno emotional cuisine expert at the Basque Culinary Centre in Spain, a comprehensive list of ingredients positively impacting serotonin and dopamine levels in the human brain was created.  These ingredients from the commissioned research were further crafted by Vasco Valenca de Sousa, the mastermind chief behind the creation of Jelly Belly Ice Cream, who selected six ingredients and combined them to make the perfect ice cream to create the taste of victory.  

Producing rewarding sensations in the brain is the winning flavour made up of banana, acai berry, blueberry, and dark chocolate in a coconut cream base. Vasco went further to include a full vegan option to suit the needs of all consumers. 

The special Jelly Belly ice cream flavour is complimentary and exclusively available to City Centre Deira shoppers who spend AED 250 at the mall during Dubai Summer Surprises. 

“City Centre Deira always aims to create unparalleled multisensory experiences that bring joy to visitors and contribute to Dubai’s efforts to become the happiest city on earth. We want to leave our shoppers with a sense of jubilation whenever they visit and create great moments every day. This DSS, we have collaborated with Jelly Belly ice cream to offer them an experience through a distinct flavour that combines textures and ingredients that will instantly boost their happiness hormones and give them the sweet taste of victory,” said Majed Al Fahim, Senior Mall Manager at City Centre Deira.

Every ingredient works in harmony to create the feeling of euphoria. Banana, which is the main ingredient, increases serotonin to produce calmness and happiness. Acai berry, which is also an antioxidant, increases both serotonin and dopamine. Blueberry improves coordination and mood, and strengthens memories of good times. Dark chocolate increases feel-good hormones and enhances pleasure. Coconut ties it all together and produces a sensation of freshness and satiety. 
Shoppers are invited to experience the ‘Taste of Victory’ with the exclusive Jelly Belly ice cream flavour by spending AED 250 at City Centre Deira until August 3.
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