Artist Playground by Pullman

Discover ‘Artist Playground by Pullman’ at 'The t-Lounge by Dilmah' for an elegant expression of art & culture with a variety of canvas work, sculptures & creatively modern digital art from a star line up of artists while enjoying a delectable tea gastronomy & tea mixology menu.

“Artist Playground by Pullman”, a true and dedicated art hub in partnership with Islamic Fashion & Design Council, enables local artists and designers to exhibit & showcase their works to the public. Timeless and original, these exhibitions allow travelers and visitors to immerse themselves in each artist’s cultural environment and get the chance to connect with the art experience in an interesting and meaningful way. The dedicated art space shows a serious commitment towards promoting art and creating significant awareness and opportunities for the works of talented artists selected for these exhibits. Located in “The t-Lounge by Dilmah” where art lovers can enjoy delectable tea gastronomy and tea mixology menu as they appreciate the exhibitions, art series, talks, and a yearly calendar of creative attractions. “Artist Playground by Pullman”, is a revolutionary foray in the field of creativity!

The exhibition is opened 24 hours.