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Our Most In-Demand Travel Destinations Of 2017

Two Instagram-worthy trips to take this summer

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Island Escape

Luxury pool and beach in the Maldives 
Are you tired of the city life? Escape to the tropical surroundings of the Maldives for a real taste of paradise. Clear azure waters, luxurious resorts, and exotic marine life make these exclusive atolls one of the most popular travel spots in the world.

The chain of islands is located in the warm Indian Ocean, southwest of Sri Lanka and India, ensuring visitors can spend their sunshine-filled days relaxing on the postcard-perfect beaches or scuba diving in the clear turquoise sea.

Where to stay: JA Manafaru is an award-winning resort located just over an hour’s seaplane transfer from the country’s main airport in Malé. This family-friendly resort has plenty to keep you occupied on your holiday, from pristine beaches and a variety of swimming pools to a host of restaurants and specialised children centres.

What to pack: Bright swimsuits to ensure you stand out poolside.

Printed swimsuit from Ted Baker at City Centre Deira

Printed swimsuit, Ted Baker, City Centre Deira

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Sightseeing Adventure

The pyramids of Giza, Egypt   

One of the ancient world’s most important historical lands, Egypt has more than enough to offer for eager culture vultures.

In Cairo, the capital and Africa’s largest city, visitors can capture sight of the iconic Egyptian pyramids at Giza – including the biggest of the structures, the incredible Great Pyramid have been built for the Pharaoh Khufu and it was finished around 2560 B.C.E.

Situated just on the outskirts of Cairo, the impressive pyramids are the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world and are not to be missed on your trip.

You will discover lots more to explore in Cairo, from historical mosques to century-old palaces and enough museums to fill a guidebook - we recommend the Egyptian Museum, home to the world's largest collection of pharaonic antiquities and artefacts.

To refuel after a day of extensive sightseeing, head to the newly opened Mall of Egypt. The sprawling retail haven contains countless shops, restaurants and entertainment activities, including Ski Egypt, Magic Planet Egypt and Vox Cinema Egypt.

For the second leg of your sightseeing trip, jump on a 45-minute plane journey (you can also drive or take the train) to Alexandria. Take to the vibrant streets filled with souks, market stalls and cafes.

If the heat gets too intense (temperatures can reach up to around 30 degrees Celsius in the summer months), seek solace in the air-conditioned comfort of City Centre Alexandria. With well over a hundred shops, plus a wide variety of food and beverage options, this bustling retail complex will keep the whole family entertained.

Where to stay: The Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano is a luxurious stay complete with a spa, swimming pools, fitness facilities and a number of gourmet restaurants.

What to pack: Comfortable sandals to save tired soles after long days out and about seeing the sights.

Printed sandals from Aldo at City Centre Deira

Printed sandals, Aldo, City Centre Deira

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